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Great opportunity to purchase high-quality Italian furniture at a discounted price and renovate your home. We have a range of kitchens, sofas, beds, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, and much more to choose from.
model “VERONICA”
Dimensions: L.3150/3270 W.610 H.2255 mm
Price: 13 166,00 -30%
New price: 9 216,00
Alf Italia model “MONT NOIR”
BED 180 Price: 1666,00 -15%
Night Stand Price: 396,00 -15%
Bed New Price: 1416,00
Night Stand New Price: 336,00
Corner sofa STEVE (Italiana Divani)
Dimensions: L.295×200 H.91 Hs.48
Price: 4054,00
Showroom Display item discount -35%
New price: 2635,00
Dining Table DOPPIO PASSO (Tomasella)
dimensions: 160/220/280×90
Price: 1986,00 -35%
New Price: 1290,00
Dining Table MADISON (Selva)
Dimensions: L.150/200×90
Price: 1319,00 -50%
New Price: 660,00
Sofa bed and Armchair ROYAL (Samoa)
Sofa bed dimension: L.210x95x95h (mattress 145×180)
Armchair dimensions: L.100x95x95h
Price: 3120,00 -40%
New Price 1872,00
Display cabinet PORTOFINO (San Michele/Orme)
Dimension: L.190 P.48 H.206
Price: 2526,00 -45%
New Price: 1389,00
Coffee Table TORRIANI (Camelgroup)
Dimension: L.120 P.70 H.45
Price: 955,00 -35%
New Price: 620,00
Coffee Table F116 (BL. Mobili)
Dimension: L.115 P.76 H.51
Price: 438,00 -40%
New Price: 263,00
Writing desk / vanity table” OSIRIDE (Asnaghi)
Dimensions: L.123,5 P.62 H.77,5
Price: 3799,00 -50%
New Price 1900,00
Chair MIAMI (Zanaboni)
Dimensions: 55x60x86h
Price: 1372,00 -50%
New Price: 686,00
Chair AURORA (Onlywood)
Dimensions: 46x43x93h
Price: 366,00 -30%
New Price: 256,00 x 6tk = 1536,00
Baby crib set INCANTO (Baby Expert)
Crib (can be used as a crib or cradle)
Dimensions: 71x132x71h
(mattress 60×125)
Also includes bedding (new, in packaging)

Dresser with bathtub and changing pad
Dimensions: 76x47x91h
Price: 1958,00 -50%
New Price 979,00
Children’s set SMILE (Due G)
Bed dimensions, cm: 99x206x97h
(mattress 90×190)
Nightstand dimensions,
cm: 60x47x37,8h
Wall shelf dimensions,
cm: 90×33,8x32h
Price: 1072,00 -35%
New Price 697,00
Chair VIKY (Alf Dafre)
Dimensions: 59x52x71h
Price: 463,00 -50%
New Price: 231,00 x 6tk = 1386,00
Chair SIMPLE (Calligaris)
Dimensions: 44x48x81h
Price: 141,00 -50%
New Price: 71,00 x 6tk = 426,00
Bathroom MODUS (Legnox + Daniel)
Dimensions: L.90 P.50 H.24/80/95
Price: 3137,00 -50%
New Price 1568,00
(bottom valve, siphon, faucet included in the price)
Mirror LORD (Compab)
Dimensions: 95×75
Price: 525,00 -20%
New Price 420,00